Proverbs Fourteen: Being Upright

January 1, 2019 Back when I wrote my blog about Proverbs Chapter One, I put this in there… “The definition of proverb is this, a general truth or piece of advice.” A piece of advice… the book of Proverbs isn’t for anyone to read, the book is compiled of knowledge and wisdom to be closer […]


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James 3:1 

February 11, 2016   My wife and I have a devotion that we go through every night, or try to go through, and what our devotion is about now is on the book of James.  The most recent session that we started was leading off with the third chapter in James.  Now if you aren’t […]

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Our Relationships

December 1, 2015   So the other day my small group and I met and we looked through another one of our Transformed sessions, this one was talking about our relational health.  When I first read the title, the session was nothing like I had pictured, it was completely different, but very helpful. I think […]

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Little or Much? 

November 23, 2015   I was reading my Bible the other day and I came across the Parable of the Three Servants.  I love the parables that Jesus tells us, it usually paints a very clear picture of what He expects us to do.  But this one, wasn’t quite as clear, to me anyways.  I […]

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Questioning God

November 8, 2015   So this morning before church, I was reading a day from my one year Bible.  I finished that day, but then I had to go on.  I finished that next day, but I still had to go on.  I had just started the book of Exodus and was reading about Moses. […]

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Our Job 

November 5, 2015   Disqualified – 1) to render unqualified, unfit, or ineligible. These are words that people use quite often to justify why they can’t do something, or shouldn’t do it.  I am not just talking about this on a spiritual level, but this does fit in nicely, but this can be thought of […]

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