Our Job 


November 5, 2015


Disqualified – 1) to render unqualified, unfit, or ineligible.

These are words that people use quite often to justify why they can’t do something, or shouldn’t do it.  I am not just talking about this on a spiritual level, but this does fit in nicely, but this can be thought of in any sense.  The book that I got this idea from, is titled The End of Me, and the particular chapter is Disqualified to Be Chosen.

Now what this book does, is flips things upside down, it shows us how Jesus can take one way of thinking, our way, and completely shift it.  Because when you read the title alone, disqualified to be chosen, no one should want to pick and use someone who is not qualified for the job, that’s like crazy talk.  But so many times we sell ourselves short for what we want to “let” God use us to do.

The example that Kyle Idleman, the author, uses is the story of Saul/Paul, and how God completely takes someone who we would say, whoa, that’s crazy, because that was a terrible choice.  Based on what we know of Saul, before he was Paul, we would have never chosen such a terrible candidate.  But I think sometimes we forget that God is all-knowing, I think we sometimes forget that God doesn’t just look at the outward appearance, but the inward as well.

My wife and I were talking after we finished this chapter, and the topic happened to have an answer that fit into this chapter.  When we talk about school, and here soon school will be over and then the job hunting will begin, but we see ourselves as so under qualified, or at least I do.  When I am sitting there and thinking about the future, my wife finding a job and me finding a job, it really does make me a bit uneasy.  But why?  I have faith and trust in God that He will guide us and take us where we need to go, but I still have the small sense of feeling unqualified for the job that God is going to guide my steps to.  2 Corinthians 3:5, It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own.  Our qualification comes from God.  


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