Summer Days 

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June 4, 2015


What are you doing right now?  Is it something you enjoy doing?  Do you wish you were doing something different?  So many times, myself included, we don’t do things we want to do and we don’t get out there and make ourselves known.  Why?  We come up with so many excuses and reasons not to go climb that mountain or cross that river and we become content.

This can fit into so many areas in someone’s life, from their daily job, to being a couch potato all summer long, and maybe not doing what you were put on this earth to do.  Why do we fall into these rhythms and routines?  I know I do it for a few reasons, I’m scared of change. What if I fail on what trying to do different and I can’t seem to get the hang of it.  I’m not too much of a people person either so meeting and getting to know a whole other crew can also be frightening.  We all have those anxieties and fears and that is where God and faith come into play.  Pray to Him and ask Him for guidance and strength to make it through, and if God put you where you are, I can guarantee you that everything will work out.

I had a friend at work the other day kinda make fun of me, in a joking way, because I mentioned that my wife and I sat down the other day and budgeted for our future.  We took everything we budget for now and compiled what it would like after school and assumed our rent would increase and we would incur other expenses.  Calculating what our annual salaries would have to be and how much wiggle room we would have in the budget.  That is how I am, I want to know things and have a plan.  I don’t like not knowing, and that is one thing on my mind when it comes to looking for a new job to start my career.

Faith.  That’s all you need, faith that God will take care of you.  Do what you need to and that is pray and talk to Him, as well as diligently working towards what God has planned for your life.  It may be summer time, but don’t blow that time, use it to its full potential.  Whether that be working more to save for college next semester or using your time to volunteer, go out and be who you were meant to be.


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