January 8, 2015


So when I first started to think about this subject I can laughed at myself for a minute.  Because I think I am the last person who should be talking about smiling.  I am not one of those people that walk around with a big smile on their face all the time.  But the reason I’m saying something about it is because I have come to realize something…smiling is important.  Smiling isn’t just important because someone comes up to you and says, “life’s not that bad or maybe you should smile some,” smiling is important for the people who need it.  For the person that may look in your direction and see that smile on your face and they may think to themselves, “if he has a reason to smile then so should I.”  Smiling and the outward appearance are very important in so many ways.  The whole idea of actions speaking louder than words plays in this situation.  You may say that you really want to go help people in other parts of the country but saying a doing are two totally different things.

So maybe today, and yes I am definitely including myself, try smiling when you’re at work, at school, or wherever and let the people around you know that they have a reason to be here, that God has a plan for there lives.


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