January 2, 2015


So I had this picture appear on my wall the other day regarding New Years, and this is what it said, “say goodbye to New Years resolutions, some dreams are too important to entrust to a faulty system.” – Michael Hyatt

Now how true is that, I my self have fallen into this trap of thinking, “I’ll start next year, come January first of this year I’m going to start (insert something). Whether it’s a weight loss program, getting better grades, keep house cleaner, or maybe handle money in a more mature way. Whatever it may be, why not start today. Obviously you know there is a problem, so why wait to start fixing that problem. The one big thing that comes to mind is that people say they are going to work on bettering their relationship with God. HELLO, why not start fixing and mending that relationship TODAY. Again, don’t leave that to some faulty system.

Have a great 2015.


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