Proverbs Chapter Eight 

busy street

June 20, 2015


Have you been in trouble or headed toward some trouble?  I’m sure everyone has, and hopefully you had someone close by that could help you, whether that be by warning and yelling out to you or maybe taking your hand.  God paints a picture of what Wisdom can do for you.  It describes how much its needed, telling us its worth, which is far more valuable than rubies and nothing you desire can compare with it, and if you have Wisdom then all these other factor and components fit together.

I think so many times we see or hear about dangers that lie ahead of us, and yet we go towards them anyways, we go ahead and do whatever that thing is regardless of the warnings.  The reason for that, we lack Wisdom.  Verse 5 says, You simple people, use good judgment.  You foolish people, show some understanding.  Now again, good judgement, understanding, and Wisdom all fit together, so without Wisdom we lack the other elements.  I have said in previous posts that Wisdom in these Proverb chapters is referring to God, only God can truly give us what we need to carry out His plans for us while on the earth.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and this preacher referred to a verse that really hit my heart.  Ezekiel 3:16-19, After seven days the Lord gave me a message.  He said, “Son of man, I have appointed you as a watchman for Israel.  Whenever you receive a message from me, warn people immediately.  If I warn the wicked, saying, ‘You are under penalty of death,’ but you fail to deliver the warning, they will die in their sins.  And I will hold you responsible for their deaths.  If you warn them and they refuse to repent and keep on sinning, they will die in their sins.  But you will have saved yourself because you obeyed me.”  

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the boat that is labeled “DISOBEYED GOD,” and that is exactly where we will be if we don’t step up and warn people about the dangers they are headed toward on the road they walk.  I hear this so much from people, “well they wouldn’t help me if I was in trouble or they deserve what is coming to them.”  Why can’t we stop and place ourselves in their shoes, stop and think, “if I was in their shoes and headed for trouble, would I want someone to yell at me and try to help me?”  And that answer is YES!  So reach out and help the people who you come in contact with.  The people God has placed in your life is no accident, God has them and you exactly where He wants you.  Work, school, the gym, football game, wherever you are be a witness to that someone around and use the Wisdom that God has given you to make a difference in their life.


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