What do you need?

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June 22, 2015


Lets say we have three groups, all dealing with different situations involving money and their finances.  Group 1, we’ll call her Jessica, and what Jessica struggles with is being unprepared for retirement.  The situation looks like this, very low monthly income (Social Security only) and Jessica spends more every month then she brings in.  Now you don’t have to be a mathematician to understand and realize that there is something wrong when you’re spending more than you make.  Simple solution, have a budget, if you give every dollar a name by doing a zero based budget every month, you’d quickly realize that you don’t have money for everything on the budget.

Group 2, we’ll call them Andrew and Samantha, two of the most hard-working people around but struggle in the financial area.  Things just not really going their way and seems as if they have dug themselves a hole.  Problem after problem roll their way and truly it seems as if they can’t get ahead.  The truth is you can, the answer again is budget, budgeting is going to be the answer in almost every case, everyone needs to do this.  Dealing with finances however, it’s not always about money.  Having a firm belief that God will and can take care of you and having faith in Him is an essential part of your life and your situations.

Group 3, we’ll call them Bob and Suze, two people who have no excuse, no reason not to be doing well financially.  This could fit with a lot of people, people having the money but not knowing how to budget and use the money to their benefit.  The way it needs to happen is the money working for you, not you working for the money.  When this group sits down and writes things out you can clearly see that they make a pretty good amount, and when you add-on the costs for different monthly expenses, they still have a good number leftover.  Now answer me this, why would anyone, single or married, feel like they were in so much financial crisis and so much stress every month if they make more than enough?  That’s a great question, but I don’t have a clue.  You should be able to relax a little bit and start contributing towards retirement so when those “golden years” come you can truly enjoy them.

Again, dealing with finances takes a few difference combinations:  1) a budget, you must have a budget and a plan, 2) hard work, you cannot make it if you aren’t willingly to get in there and make an effort to get the job done, and 3) God, you need God in everything you do in life, have faith that He will see you through.


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