Christmas Time 

December 26, 2014


During Christmas time, families get together to eat, to open gifts, and hopefully remember the real reason for the season. But the issue that I think most people run into is this idea that it’s Christmas time, so we have to get together and spend time with each other. December 25th of every year is a day to put on a face, put on some kind of act and get together with family. That’s the one day of few that people pray over their meal and thank God for what they have. Why? Why don’t we act this way everyday, why don’t we thank God for every small thing that we have and encounter, and why don’t we learn to love and enjoy our families. God gave us families for a reason, God gave us people close to us to help us through hard times. Not to push us down but to help us when we fall. God loves us very much, and if you look at your life you can find something that you have that you can be grateful for.

Jesus came to this earth to be born and die for all of us, why…because He loves us. So I urge you today to read God’s word, so you can understand and know what He wants in your life and for you to show and give to others. You can’t convince everyone, you can’t change everyone…but God can and that’s all you have to remember. Plant that seed today in someone’s life and let God take control, God can change even the most callus heart.

Merry Christmas.


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