What is Budget Hill?

February 3, 2014


For the longest time I have wanted to put together a blog or website in hopes to expand my knowledge dealing with finances, budgeting, and business stuff in general.  The title of the website, Budget Hill, is something that I came up with because for most people dealing with money and budgets is not easy and not something that everyone wants to do.  Its like climbing a hill, it may be hard at first but when you finally reach the top you feel like you’ve accomplished something great.

Putting God first in everything we do is a must, especially when it comes to money and how we use it.  Throughout this blog and the post that I create they are going to touch a few different areas.  1) Finances, trying to help people understand and grasp what is not only best for them but what God wants us to do.  2)  Reaching out to people, more so young adults, in hopes to further their leaderships skills and help them create the ability to stand up and stand out.  Finally, 3)  show people that they are unique, God created all of us individually for a particular purpose and we need to use that gift for Him.

I am learning more and more each day that dealing with money can be hard, but it can be quite enjoyable. If we use the money to further God’s kingdom instead of our own, then we are in for a great show. So let me help you and you help me as we climb this hill together.


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