College Tuition 

February 3, 2014


The one thing that I haven’t always been good at is saving money.  Saving money is just not in our genes and we realize later rather than sooner how important saving money can be.  I myself am a college student and seems like the cost of school just keeps getting higher and higher (that’s because it does).  Some students are fortunate to have parents or families that can help with those costs but most students don’t have that help.  The number one thing that students do today is just pull out a loan for school and think everything is golden, but it’s not.  The minute after you graduate all those loans are going to smack you right in the face.  The smartest decision and move you can make is to save, save money throughout your high school years and also work while you’re in college.  I had a pizza job during high school, sure it’s not the greatest job, but its a job.  To this day I still work and go to college, I have a full load yes but in a few years I am sure it will pay off. Don’t be persuaded by the governments plans and redemption programs for students loans. Their student loan forgiveness plan is just postponing what you are going to have to pay back. So get serious today and pay what you owe. This leads into a whole different topic, but stop depending on the government and depend on the One who can actually help you…God. God said He will never leave us nor forsake us. And I believe that goes for all aspects of life, including money and all the stupid decisions we make.


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