What is Christmas really about?

I have two children now… my oldest is over 2 1/2 years old and my other little one is just over a year old.

So we come to this point in the year… Christmas time. Now growing up, my family always did Christmas, we did gifts, we did Santa, we did baby Jesus…

So this afternoon I had thoughts running through my mind as to what I want to impress on my children, especially my oldest, since he is at the age where he absorbs everything.

And this is what came to my mind or what the Holy Spirit impressed on me. Christmas time is the time of the year that we stop and remember what God did for us… sending His one and only Son. It’s His, Jesus’, birthday. So we as a family, are going to have cake (because what’s a birthday party without any cake) and we are going to share gifts. Now the gift giving is the crucial part of the Christmas tradition… but have we been doing it wrong?

These gifts and presents… they aren’t from family… they aren’t from friends… they aren’t even from mommy and daddy… they are from God. But wait, isn’t Jesus supposed to be receiving gifts because it’s His birthday? You’re right… but Jesus isn’t like us, Jesus was, is, and will be forever living a verse that Paul wrote in the Bible, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Jesus will always be about giving, because that is what He wants, expects, and demands of us.

So no, presents especially didn’t come from a fat man who likes milk and cookies… these presents came from God. And not all presents fit under a tree… some of the best presents can simply be family being there for one another.

So my message I want to drive home to my children is that Jesus coming to earth is the ultimate gift to us, and He is all we will ever need. No amount of “stuff” will ever satisfy us, all it does it takes our focus off of Him who truly does matter.

So I encourage you… don’t get caught up in the material things, but drown yourself, your family in what truly matters (and he’s not wearing a red costume) His name is Jesus!


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