Ecclesiastes Chapter Five: Dreaming

Wow… it’s been almost 2 years since my last blog on Ecclesiastes… I’m trying to go back and pick up on the “series” that I was starting.

Just like the previous Ecclesiastes blogs, what the writer is portraying to us, is that pretty much our way of living, or doing things, is wrong. I definitely know that I over think, over complicate, and frankly move to quickly on a lot of matters.

But clearly, that isn’t what God wants to do. Chapter five is broken into two sections, the second section is about money, and most of us either know what the Bible says about money, or we just don’t care. So we’re going to focus on the first section, verses 1-7.

We as humans want to accomplish. We want to get things done and feel as if we made a mark. Here in America, making a name for ourselves is very important to most people, making sure everyone knows who “I am!”

But we as Christians have to have a different mind set… A dream comes when there are many cares, and many words mark the speech of a fool. Ecclesiastes 5:3 So this verse strikes me very hard. We dream (think up new things to try and do what “we think” we need to do) in order to have the life that we think is best. We dream when there are “many cares,” when life hits hard. New house payment, college debt, new cars, loved one has medical issues, new child, the list can go on and on. And then he goes on to say, that “many words” (many dreams) are foolishness.

So if that describes our problem… what’s the solution? You keep reading… Much dreaming and many words are meaningless. THEREFORE FEAR GOD. Ecclesiastes 5:7

Again, he screams out to us that lovely word… MEANINGLESS! Much dreaming and many words are MEANINGLESS. It doesn’t matter what plans I can come up with, it doesn’t matter where I want to live, it doesn’t matter where I want to work, what matters is what God wants!

He says those things are meaningless… therefore fear God. Put God first, make Him priority and all those “dreams” and “words” you have will disappear. Because as we learn to rely on God more, we realize that He has a better and big plan for us that we could have never imagined!


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