So the other night I was sitting in bed doing my evening reading and I reached the part in my Bible where I had a small bio to read about a particular character.

The chapter is 16 in the books of Numbers and it’s talking about a guy named Korah. Now Korah isn’t one of those characters that we hear about and tend to remember.

But Korah paints us (or at least myself) a beautiful picture of what NOT to do. That’s the problem, when I was reading this section, these issues sounded like some similar things in my life.

The first big thing that stands out is:

1) Korah said that Moses isn’t greater than anyone else.

2) all of the people of Israel have been chosen of the Lord.

Now both of those statements are true, but were said and twisted in a negative way. You see Korah was jealous, he wanted what Moses had.

These are the warnings that go along great with Korah’s story:

1) don’t let desire for what someone else has make you discontent with what you already have.

2) don’t try to raise your own self esteem by attacking someone else’s.

3) don’t use part of God’s Word to support what you want, rather than allowing its entirety to shape your wants.

4) don’t expect to find satisfaction in power and position.

The wrong turns that Korah made, are exactly what I’m going through in my life. Thinking I have to compete with others, wanting what they have (greed), focusing too much on the things of the world and not on God.

The end of Korah’s story goes like this… the earth opened up and swallowed him.

We as Followers of Christ need to be who God has called us to be!


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