Proverbs Chapter Three 

April 15, 2015


This chapter is Proverbs is filled with so much, it gives you knowledge and understanding as to what the Lord wants from you and me.  The title of this chapter is “Trusting in the Lord,” and after reading the chapter there is not a more suitable title.  Having trust, a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something…do we have that in God?  Do we just say we have that?  From my last post, talking about doubting, it shined some light on me and my life that having trust or faith is more than just saying “yes, I have that, I trust in the Lord.”  It is about showing and acting in such a way that you have trust in whatever it is that you doubt.  Every single day we drive to work and drive home, trusting that our tires on our cars don’t just shoot off and we fly off the road.  We trust that car, without even thinking about it before we take off, that is the kind of faith and trust that I want to have in God, I don’t want to stop and question God and wonder if He is going to come through for me.

In the chapter God talks about a few different characteristics that we, followers of Christ, should have and hold onto.  He describes in the chapter different ways to hold on to them and how valuable they are, He says to write them deep within our heart, tie them around our neck as a reminder, they are worth more than any riches on Earth, they will refresh our soul, and keep us safe.  These characteristics are Loyalty, Kindness, Joyfulness, Wisdom, Happiness, Common Sense, and Discernment.  Holding onto these commandments that the Lord spoke of will be the way to life.  The Lord says never forget the things He has taught us, store the commandments in your heart, and if you do this you will live many years and your life will be satisfying.  Who wouldn’t want a life that is satisfying, we all want that, we want a good reputation with God and with people and by holding onto these commandments we can have that.  The Lord says to seek Him, and He will show us the path to take, He will be the light in our dark world. The main point Christ is trying to get across in this chapter is to, again, “TRUST HIM.”  Let God be in control and put your faith in Him.

There is a money verse in here, now again because of my career path this is the knowledge that will help me with that part of my life and no matter your career path you should be very knowledgeable about the way the Lord wants your work done, but He says to honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce.  Then He will fill your barns with grain, and your vats will overflow with good wine.  Now when I read that and it says to honor the Lord with your wealth, He is not talking about just giving your tithe at church, He is talking about how you use your money.  Do you spend too much on shopping trips?  Do you gamble away your paychecks?  Or, do you buy some strangers lunch?  Maybe you give an extra-large tip to someone who seems to be struggling?  The Lord goes on to and say that everything we produce, as far as our work and what jobs we may have, to honor Him with the very best.  With whatever you do, from building a chair to working a full eight-hour day, do whatever you do to the best of your abilities and honor God with your work.

The Lord talks about discipline, telling us not to reject the Lord’s discipline and not to be upset, but the Lord corrects the ones that He loves.  This is the way to knowledge and understanding, by letting someone with knowledge and understanding show us the right way, and who better to show us then the Lord Jesus Christ.  The last verses of the chapter talks about the different paths to take and those paths are with God and without God.  The paths without God go like this, the Lord curses the house of the wicked, the Lord mocks the mockers, and the fools are put to shame.  Now the flip side of that sounds so much better, the Lord blesses the home of the upright, the Lord is gracious to the humble, and the wise inherit honor.  Turn to God and put your faith and trust in Him.


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