Where to start…

July 15, 2014


So the big thing on my mind now is, where do I begin? I’m always thinking to myself how much I want to improve my life, better my relationships, and even how to make more money. So either I’m to afraid to take the first step because I don’t want to fail or take a chance or I’m afraid of what others might think. I’m certain that if anyone came to me and said they had a great idea but was too nervous of other peoples opinion then I would say that is ridiculous. That’s the problem with me, I can preach it but I can’t live, I can’t actually go out and use what I say or believe. I’ve said this before but I want to be something great, I want a name that will be well known…but where do I begin? How do get the ball rolling? The one thing that every American, and especially me, needs to do is to be themselves. Stop worrying about what your best friend will say or think, stop trying to be like everybody else, and most importantly…chase your dream.


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