Trust in the Lord 

October 22, 2014


As of right now, there has been some pretty big bombs dropped on our lives in the past few months. Things that really make you stop and question God and just ask yourself, why would He do this to me. Sometimes it does seem like bad things happen to the best people, but why? I believe everyday, every minute of everyday, God is teaching us. God will never stop teaching us and it’s our responsibility to keep strong in Him, with our relationship and faith. Pray to God and ask for His guidance. Learn to lay your burdens down at His feet, and actually 100% trust in the Lord. Then and only then will you have the closest relationship with God that you can possibly have. And if you have that relationship, nothing on this earth can ever bring you down, nothing can ever stop the fight in you, and nothing will ever take your eyes off the one who wants to take your burdens like He did when He laid down His life for all of us. God loves you, let Him in.


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