Power of an Audience 

October 24, 2014


People can have a huge influence on our lives. That can be a really good thing, they are really good for motivation. It’s come to my knowledge that I have an audience for my blog. And what that has made me realize is that I have to keep up what I’m doing. That goes for anything, when you have people watching you and observing what you are doing then you have an image to uphold. This really applies to my job and what I do. Being around all sorts of different people everyday I can truly have an impact on their lives.

If you stop and think about it, this is a huge eye opener for us in a spiritual sense. People all around us, everyday of our lives they can see us, they can hear us, and they remember what we do…and they remember the negative much more than the positive. So what does that mean? We need to look toward God and we need to base our lives off of Him, and if we show an image of God through us then that is what people around us will see, and hopefully that will plant a small little seed in their life that can grow and spread.

God is the almighty and everything is possible through Him. Let the light of God shine through you each and every day.


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