July 30, 2014


So this post is dedicated to my grandpa. It’s been just over a week since I lost that sweet man in my life and things won’t be the same. But the other day when we had the service for him I realized something…my grandpa was loved. I’m not saying this in a shocking way but when I walked out into the sanctuary, it was almost full. The one thing that scares me is, will I have people of that amount come to see me and remember me? What I realized that day was that you never know who’s watching, you never know when death will come, and you don’t know what your last words will be to the people that are close to you and who you love. So what it comes down to is to act everyday like the way that you would want to be remembered. Everything has an impact on someone, whether it is good or bad, big or small…act in the way that you want to be remembered.

Love you grandpa


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