Branches, Denominations, what do they mean, and why are there so many?

Quick flashback, if you don’t know much about me, I have grown up in church as long as I can remember. The churches that I have grown up in all my life have been Baptist churches. For me I haven’t known any different, because that was all I knew, so it is interesting that for the past few months my family and I have made our home at a Non-Denominational church.

So what is the deal with all the different denominations? Then within some of the denominations you have even more branches that have sprouted. I definitely wouldn’t call myself experienced with this topic and with what the different denominations believe, however I think that so many people have now turned to following just mere humans and what they believe and their ideas instead of following the Bible and Jesus Christ. 

So this particular post came about because of some conversation at church that we have been having. The conversation is between Arminianism and Calvinism, which one is right and which one isn’t. So again I say, when people look at these “ideas from people” are they following those people and not the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ?

I personally have gotten away from having the title of Christian, and instead I like considering myself to be a Follower of Christ. I am a Follower of Christ and what His Word has to say, reflecting on the life and walk of my Lord Jesus Christ. Arminisanism and Calvinsim are ideas from a mere human, sure they may have used some scripture, but I believe that once you find God and receive His free gift of Salvation, He will His Word to show you what it means. You don’t need another human to tell you what their ideas are, sure you need guidance from other Followers of Christ, but ultimately I only want the Bible and the Holy Spirit to tell and show me what to believe. 

So read God’s Word, pray and have a relationship with Him, and allow Him to use you. Always always always back up what you believe with Scripture. 


One thought on “Branches, Denominations, what do they mean, and why are there so many?

  1. This is great Ryan! You’re right on track, the Bible! The word is living and active and speaks to you in different ways at different times. Man has made it very complicated.


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