Intentional Prayers

So the other day at our new church, I was asked to present Communion. So what I talked about is how Passover and prayer are very much alike. How are they alike…

1st – Passover was a time when Jesus got close with His disciples. Jesus shared some of His most intimate and personal feelings before His soon walk to Calvary. I can’t even begin to imagine what the room felt like, what I mean is just all the tension and probably stress that would be in the air. For the disciples to hear from Jesus, someone they love and have spent a good time with, that He is about to go through these unimaginable experiences, has to be heart breaking.

2nd – Prayer is a way for us, as true believers and followers of Christ, to get close and intimate with our loving Savior. Anyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ, has to pray. Not even in a way that it feels like a chore, but it should be something that you love doing and you can’t get enough of it. Prayer again, is a way for us to get close to our Lord Jesus Christ who went and died on a cross for us.

So when I was jotting down some notes for that Sunday morning, I wrote down this question:  How many followers of Christ want to get closer to God? This may sound like an obvious answer to this simple question. But is it really? Now when I call others out with this, I’m also calling myself out, but how many of us pray like this is true? How many of us read like this is true? It’s one thing to say that we are one way, it’s a completely different story and it speaks louder when we live that way.

Just remember, Christ already knows your heart…be open with Him, be intentional about your prayers, live your life in a way that shows others that He is the most important Person in your life. 


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