Little Patches

Missionary James Fraser discovery:

“On the human side, evangelistic work on the mission field is like a man going about in the dark, damp valley with a lighted match in his hand, seeking to ignite anything ignitable.  But things are damp through and through and will not burn, however much he tries.  In other cases, God’s wind and sunshine have prepared beforehand.  The valley is dry in places, and when the lighted match is applied–here a shrub, there a tree, here a few sticks, there a heap of leaves take fire and give light and warmth long after the kindling match and its bearer have passed on.  And this is what God wants to see, and when He will inquire of us:  little patches of fire bearing all over the world.”

The insert is from a book I just finished, 10 Who Changed the World, and what this book describes is the life of 10 missionaries and what they accomplished over the span of their life. Some of the lives were short lived, some of the missionaries died a horrible death, but one thing they all have in common, is that they feel as if they accomplished what God created them for.

The last paragraph in the book reads, “Brothers and sisters, we are to light those ‘little patches of fire around the world,’ knowing we are indeed immortal till our work is done.  The Exalted Lamb guarantees it!” 

How many of us actually believe that? That we are surely immortal until our work is done. I do! God has a plan and a blueprint laid out for our life, and I don’t believe that He is going to call us home until we finish what He put us here to do.

This doesn’t just pertain to missions and things overseas, this includes ANYTHING that we do for Chirst. 1 Corinthains 10:31 says, So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 

So make sure that if you consider yourself a Follower of Christ, that you are doing what God has called us to do in His Great Commission. That command is for ALL Chrsitians, not just the ones that are “gifted,” but for everyone.  Now of course that is going to look different in different people, but the end result is going to always be the same. 

If we as Christians would just light the little fires, the little patches, in where God has called us or placed us, then imagine what he world would like with little patches EVERYWHERE. 

Never forget how powerful God is! He can do all things! Let God help you in every situation that you deal with, that is what our Father loves to do. 


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