February 22, 2019

“Everyday Deserves a Chance” by Max Lucado… that was one of the last books that I know of that my mother-in-law read. That was around the summer of 2016 as she was with me and my family as we welcomed our first child into our life. Now it wasn’t until just a few months ago that I got to read the book for myself.

The number one thing I loved about the book, is that it’s a very simple read. The author doesn’t try to throw big fancy words at you, he addresses things in a real life fashion.

What stood out to me is this, our “Spiritual DNA” as he put it (Direction, Needs, Ability). What describes us, what tells the people around us who we are? So many times we think “I’ve got to leave the past in the past” and to a certain extent that’s very true. But do you really think God’s in the business of wasting time? Will He not, can He not, use anything and everything?

I encourage you to look over these questions/thoughts and allow God to show and share with you more than He had ever shown you before.

1) In what DIRECTION has God taken me?

Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. Ephesians 5:17

Looking back, what stands out in your life as something huge? For five years I was in college, I graduated with a degree in finance and I’ve yet to put that into practice. What was all that for? Did I pick up knowledge? Sure. Did I find new relationships? Absolutely. Did it cause me to come closer to God? Oh ya!

I don’t have have any idea if I’ll every use finance from a working point of view, but there is zero doubt in my mind that those five years shaped my future more than the other 22 years of my life.

2) What NEEDS had God revealed to me?

…And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1

We are all wired differently, certain issues that I may be passionate about, my wife my have different feelings. But that’s not by accident. God has given us a mind set, a heart set on something. Something deep down in us hurts when __________ happens. Something makes your blood pump just a little faster… find out what that is and assess the need with God.

3) What ABILITIES has God given me?

Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else. Galatians 6:4

Spiritual gifts, not spiritual gifts, I believe God gifted you will all of it, so why not use all of it. What are you good at? What makes you happy to accomplish? What may be fun to me isn’t fun for you.


The point is this… BE THE CLAY! Be the clay and allow God to shape your direction and allow God to use your needs and your abilities to further His Kingdom! One big thing that we as Followers of Christ tend to neglect and forget about is that when we Jesus chose us, and in turn we chose Him, we follow Him wholeheartedly, allowing Him to do exactly what He needs and what He sees fit… period.


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