Start Investing NOW

November 19, 2014


The big problem with society today is that we think we have the time tomorrow, or maybe next year, or even ten years from now…but sadly this is something that you can’t put off and put off, you need to start today. The thing that I’m talking about is investing.  Investing in companies and businesses that have shown great success, ones that have been around for at least ten years.  Most people don’t have a grasp on what this can do for you, and how it can change the way you live and retire in the future.  When it comes to investing, the number one factor is time.  Time is huge in the world if investing, it beats the amount of money you put in, it beats the awesome percentage rate on your return, time is HUGE.  That is why you need to start now!

I am currently 23 years old, so what does that mean, I plan on at least retiring by the age of 60, if not sooner, so I have 36 solid years to invest and make my money work for me.

I love charts and graphs, so one thing I have done is made a spreadsheet of what my projected investment would be worth at the age of 60. Now granted, I used the figures that I am currently investing and I plan on those numbers going up as I move to bigger and better jobs, but as it stands, I will be a millionaire when I retire. WOW! Who doesn’t want to retire a millionaire and not have to worry about money the rest of their lives. I estimated that I would pull out 4% of my earnings every year to live on, that number was a little under $50,000. But guess what, the year after that it will be even more. Because if I’m only pulling out 4% but my interest is around 9-10% than I am still making money. And this idea goes back to time, because with time, your investment just keep compounding every year, it keeps building and building on itself. So the sooner you get the ball rolling the more work your money will do.

Investing is so easy, sure you need money, but the big thing you need that people don’t have is patience and will power. Patience because you aren’t going to see a huge return in a week, I’m talking about 30+ years. And will power, because people want to blow their money on the cool gadgets and fancy lifestyle. Don’t let the good years of investing slide by you. Start TODAY and make a huge difference for you and your family later on in life.


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