Carry on

October 29, 2014


This particular day has got me thinking. What’s special about today is that it’s my grandpas birthday, he’s been gone for about three months now. It’s been a very hard time for all of us, especially my grandma.
Now when someone passes you feel like there is a void in your life. Like someone has taken a chunk out and left nothing in its place. I’ve come to realize that I need to try and fill that void. Sure I can’t fill it 100% like he did, but my grandpa was a great man I wouldn’t mind one bit trying to be just a little bit like him. He was a man who loved his wife, took care of his family, and was a friend to everyone. That is what any husband or father would want, for someone to step in and take care of their wife and kids when they pass. I loved my grandpa so much and he is missed dearly.

Happy birthday grandpa


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